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We are Exporter for Precision CNC component and Sheet metal products We export to Brazil, Sweden and Singapore and always looking and exploring new exports opportunity to trade our brand from India

Current Exporting Customer

Wipro do Brasil Industrial-Brazil
Wipro Sweden- Sweden
Rohde & Schwarz Asia Pte Ltd-Singapur

Port facilities

Mumbai Port-Western countries
Chennai Port- Eastern Countries

For export order inquiries
please contact

Ms. Vidya Reddy –Operations Head

Mobile: +91 83 103 684 11

Australian customer visit

Packing at it best!

Choosing the right packaging can make the difference between damaged goods and lost revenue or goods arriving safely and efficiently for maximum profit. We at TEXEL always focus factors that influence which packaging methods to use include protection, security, mode of transportation, cost and legislation. Also, the options for packaging are not mutually exclusive, so more than one method may be used as and when required or any specific demands from our customer.


Probably the most common type of packing. These will be usually either wooden or cardboard and take the form of solid sides/lid.


Similar to boxes but the sides and lid are made up of slatted sections – allowing you to see the equipment/goods inside. This is useful if your freight needs to be inspected whilst in transit.


Are a flat transport structure that helps support goods and keep them stable as they are being lifted by forklifts or cranes.


Are a cost-effective alternative to pallets which are often used on larger pieces of freight. The basic design consists of long timber/steel planks which run the length of the item being shipped. These are held together with heavy duty screws/bolts and normally attached directly to the bottom of the item being shipped.


Is used for long journeys for freight which is susceptible to damage from moisture. These take the form of bags filled with material (typically silica gel) that will absorb the moisture and reduced the risk of condensation and metals going rusty.  

Foil packaging:

Also used to prevent the risk of corrosion during shipping. These can be provided as a bespoke solution for many types of freight. Equipment foil-wrapped, with desiccant added before the final seal. Air is extracted, lowering the ambient moisture, and reducing the size of the bulk.


Can be made from a range of materials including stainless steel and polythene. Drums are used commonly for transporting liquids and powders.  

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